Obama Bringing Troops Home for the Holidays …

There is one piece of news, and one piece only, going viral today, and with good reason. Families, friends, loved ones, and who knows how many others have been waiting for this news for years – almost a decade, all told. It’s universally important, affecting the lives of people from different countries and cultures all throughout the world.

Today, President Barack Obama announced that by the end of the year, troops will be pulled out of Iraq.

Everyone is likely to take the news differently, given that the war itself has been a hot button for many different groups and factions. However, the announcement is surely a long-awaited joy for those who have family members, friends, and loved ones in the military.

Having family members in Iraq myself, I can unabashedly admit that I teared up when President Obama mainted that the U.S. Troops will be home in time for the holidays. I’m sure many people had the same reaction.
President Obama himself can explain things better than I can, however:


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