7 Things You Didn’t Know about Kissing …

Kissing – the most beautiful way of expressing your love. There are so many different ways to kiss, depending on who you’re kissing. But there are 7 things you didn’t know about kissing that will make your mouth open in amazement. (Yes, I get the pun, there…) Learn these things and they’ll leave you wanting to kiss more and wanting to quit kissing altogether at the same time!

1. Kissing Is Good For You

The act of kissing is actually healthy for you! (Take that, those of you opposed of great kissing!)Kissing actually improves our skin, helps circulation, prevents tooth decay, and can even relieve headaches. So next time you have a headache and your hubby is wanting a little lovin’, don’t go for the Tylenol bottle, start kissing! (Bet you’ll make his night!)

2. Kissing Is a Workout

While just a quick peck on the cheek uses only 2 muscles, a good french kiss is said to use 34 muscles in your face. (That’s almost all of your facial muscles if I’m not mistaken!) That being said, a romantic, but very short kiss will burn a couple calories, while a passionate french kiss can take care of 5 calories. Do this for one entire minute, and you’ll burn about 26 calories! Kiss for an hour and you can skip your trip to the gym since you will have burnt about 1,560 calories! Talk about a reason to make out!

3. Eskimo Kisses are Fake

According to a video strait from the mouth of an Alaskan, the act of rubbing noses in place of a kiss doesn’t exist. He claims Hollywood has played a part in making this myth seem real, when in fact, it’s a created story. He says he grew up in a very traditional family and has lived 67 years, and has never seen Eskimos rubbing noses. Their kisses are the same as ours. Save the nose rubbing for the dogs.

4. Kissing is Like Drugs

The endorphins you release when kissing are said to be 200 times more powerful than the drug effects of morphine! Hence, the reason you get that “giddy” weightless feeling after kissing for a while. Who knew that the best drug high they could have was both legal and sitting right beside them the entire time? Why sacrifice your health and well being over illegal drugs when you can just kiss all day?

5. Kissing is Germ City

Did you know that one kiss can pass 278 types of bacteria? A long enough kiss could leave you with a transmission of 10 million bacterium! That’s reason enough to keep kissing to just one person that you know and trust and watch brush their teeth, huh?

6. Some Diseases Can Be Passed With a Kiss

I’m sure you were aware that mononucleosis or the kissing disease could be passed with a kiss (obviously) but did you know that herpes can be shared with a kiss as well? Furthermore, in one instance in 1997, a woman was infected with HIV through a kiss. This was, however, because both kissers had gum diseases that opened up a whole band of germs passed through human blood. Still, it’s kind of gross to think about.

7. Kissing is Illegal Some Places

Back in the 16th century, public kissing in Naples was punished by death! Still yet, in some places in our own United States, it’s technically illegal to kiss in some instances. Kissing strangers is forbidden in Ceder Rapids, Iowa, and in Hartford Connecticut, woman can’t kiss their husbands on a Sunday! Mustached men in Indiana may find it hard to “play the field” as it is illegal for men sporting mustaches to “habitually kiss human beings.” I wonder what happened that made those laws go into effect?
So, kissing can be great and absolutely disgusting at the same time. My advice is choose one person to kiss and never stray from that person. Oh, and keep up with how often they brush their teeth! One more thing, ladies, don’t kiss your husbands on Sunday…you may end up in jail!


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