40 Best Gifts for Men

 Your Ultimate Guide to Top Gifts for Him …

Best Gifts for Men are not easy to find, especially if you want to get a gift for him he’ll actually like.  So, wether it’s a Birthday, a Christmas or simply an “I love you” gift you are about to give to your man, you really need to put some thought into it or simply check out our ultimate list of tried Best Gifts for Men to get the gift your guy will absolutely love!

Pamper your significant other with one of these best gifts for guys, but before you start your perfect gift hunt, please take into consideration my previous unfortunate experiences and remember that unless the man in question is gay, any kind of clothes (sweaters, shirts, even designer ones) or perfumes are not seeing by men as the best present.
Don’t believe me? Ask your straight male friend which one he’d rather have: an Armani shirt or night vision goggles. Men are so different from us, especially when it comes to gifts, you’ll be surprised …
But back to our ultimate list of Top Gifts for Men, scroll on and I am sure you’ll find just the perfect gift for your man:

1. A Stylish Louis Vuitton Wallet – best luxurious gift for men

Does your man dream of a luxurious car or drive one already? Does he have an appreciation for high end brands? If so, a Louis Vuitton wallet would be the perfect gift for your man. As soft as your touch, a Louis Vuitton wallet will make him feel special, and given it’s a nice designer piece, he’ll get a kick every time he uses it. And did I mention this gift will last him years and years?
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
From $165.00 at louisvuitton.com

2. Apple iPod Touch

Does he like gadgets? If so, he’ll certainly love Apple iPod Touch! He’ll be able to download tons of music, watch his favorite movies, check e-mails from you, play games and do a zillion cool things while waiting for you to try that 10th pair of jeans in your favorite store. This gift is like a pacifier for grown up men, you’ll see how much happier your shopping experiences (or any other that requires waiting) will be! And if you’re feeling all the more generous (or he already has an iPod) throw in a couple of cool iPod accessories.  Either way, just remember that many of the best gifts for men are electronic in some way.
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
From $229.00 at apple.com

3. Apple iPhone – a gift for him he’ll love!

iPhone 4
So it may seem like the most complicated phone you have ever come across. But that’s exactly why your man is bound to love the Apple iPhone (especially if he is a gadget freak). From its touchscreen interface to its music playing capabilities to the Safari web browser that will allow him to be in touch always, I can think of a billion reasons why this would make a great gift for your man. And it looks fantastic!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
From $199.00 at apple.com
And if you don’t want to buy an AT&T contract with it, get an unlocked iPhone here.

4. Sony PlayStation 3

Ah! The eternal love story of a man and his video games. Don’t even try to understand this one. Just know that if you are able to splurge on this, your man will love you for a long long time. Read: Many shopping sprees and plenty of pampering! I know I would love to play just as much as my man would, but if you don’t, you can always cuddle with him and enjoy high-definition Blu-ray movies on it! Now is that the best gift or what?
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$369.10 at amazon.com

5. Apple MacBook – the best gift for a tech guy

Honestly, I’d rather gift the MacBook to myself! But if you are feeling selfless, go ahead and make your man the proud owner of this stunning, powerful and stylish laptop with a host of innovative features. And if you feel extra generous, go for the MacBook Pro. That will definitely get his tail wagging!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
From $999.00 at apple.com

6. EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles
If your man has always dreamt of being a superhero with super powers, I may have just found the best gift for him. Presenting EyeClops Night Vision Goggles that help you see up to 50′ in absolute darkness! They are powered by real infra-red driven night vision technology…yes, the stuff of movies. It may not be Superman’s X-ray vision but I think it will still make him very happy!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$149.99 at amazon.com

7. Samsung 50-Inch Plasma HDTV

Women love shoes. Men love football. So enhance his entertainment experience by gifting him the Samsung PN50A450 50-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV. The best part about this is that you can actually play 3D games and watch 3D movies with 3D compatible glasses and hardware. Now you know why this has to feature in the list of best gifts for men! Though considering how much of a TV addict I am, I don’t know who this would be more of a gift to…him or me!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$1,398.90 at amazon.com

8. Outdoor Home Theater Kits

8Have you ever watched a drive-in movie with your man? If yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful to re-create the same romantic atmosphere in your own backyard? Gift him an Outdoor Home Theater Kit this Christmas and you could have exactly that. Easy to set up. Easy to dismantle. It’s really the perfect gift for your man!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$1,399.00 at frontgate.com

9. Remote-Controlled Flying Helicopter – the most fun gift a guy could ask for

Brookstone Remote Control Helicopter
Boys love their toys and it doesn’t matter how old they are. So what about gifting him a remote controlled helicopter? This particular one is not only super fun but will remain airborne for atleast 20 minutes! I gave one of these to my 30 year old husband and he was so happy! I am sure your man will appreciate it too, no matter how old he is!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$59.95 at amazon.com

10. Vuzix Corp. Wrap 310XL Widescreen Glasses

Vuzix Corp. Wrap 310XL Widescreen Glasses
This reminds me just a wee bit of Cyclops from X-men and, trust me, that exact fact is going to earn you extra brownie points. Not to mention that the glasses will allow him to instantly enjoy an IMAX theatre like experience! You can connect it to an iPod, a personal gaming system or a portable DVD player, hit Play and instantly get lost in your own little or — should I say big — world! I can’t think of a better gift for a movie buff…

11. Cigar Samplers

If your man is fond of cigars or even considering trying them, why not give him a pack of assorted cigar samplers? Not only will this gift help him determine his favorite kind, but it will go wonderfully with his favorite scotch or cognac. It took my husband a while to find the brand he likes the most. A sampler will make sure that your man doesn’t have to go through that.  And remember, not all the best gifts for men have to cost a fortune!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
From $15.95 at cigar.com

12. Personalized Embroidered Dop Kit

Personalized Embroidered Dop Kit
Contrary to what you may think, men love personalized gifts as much as women do. So how about a lovely personalized dop kit for that special someone this Christmas? The leather will give him a taste of luxury and when he goes away on a trip, you know he’s going to think of you and smile every time he opens up his dop kit.
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$82.00 at abernook.com

13. Lost in Time Wall Clock – a cool and inexpensive gift he’ll like

Lost in Time Wall Clock
Whether your man is never on time or for that matter annoyingly on time and needs to loosen up, a clock is the perfect gift for him! Sure it may seem like your poking fun at his punctuality issues but the you’ll totally get away with this cute gift! I think this is the perfect clock for the bedroom where the two of you can forget time and revel in each others company (if you know what I mean!).
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$24.95 at wrapables.com

14. Trip to Las Vegas – ultimate treat for your man

All men want a cool girlfriend/wife…someone who wouldn’t be insecure if, say, he went to Vegas with his guy friends. Better still, if she actually bought him the ticket herself as a Christmas present! Imagine his joy! And while he’s away being “one of the guys,” you can have your own fun with the girls. A little space is great. You can’t imagine the wonders it’ll do for your relationship.
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
Prices vary, please visit expedia.com
15. Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii
It’s no small secret that guys love their video games, making the Nintendo Wii one of the best gifts for men you can buy. Sure, there are plenty of other gaming consoles out there, but the nice thing is that you can sneak in the Wii fit, as well, and make sure to keep the man in your life healthy and active. Besides, ladies, there’s nothing like a game of Mario Kart to see who does the dishes.
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$149.99 at amazon.com

16. Car Mice

Car Mice
Some guys love cars – and that’s a bit like saying that some people need oxygen to live. If the guy you’re buying for is a car enthusiastic, but maybe can’t afford his own Lamborghini, get him one for his computer! He can make vroom-vroom noises while he surfs!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$45.21 at amazon.com

17. Star Wars Flash Drives – a cute and funny gift for your man

Star Wars Flash Drives
I’m not sure I’ve ever met a single man who doesn’t like Star Wars at least a little bit. If your man is really into it, then get him a Star Wars flash drive! From Yoda to Darth Vader, he can fight his own little battle in a galaxy far, far away, every time he plugs into his computer! And with 4GBs, that’s not a bad deal, either.
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$39.99 at thinkgeek.com

18. Beer of the Month Club

Back to the subject of beer – wouldn’t having a bunch of different microbrews delivered every month be a great gift for men? Naturally, if the guy you’re buying for doesn’t have a taste for beer, this is a bad idea. Otherwise, for the true connoisseur, this would make an excellent present – one that goes on for three months or more!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 

19. Indoor Grill

Lots of guys love to grill and barbecue, but you can only do so during certain times of the year. If you love the way your man cooks steaks or hamburgers or hot dogs, and if you know he loves to grill, then get him a grill he can enjoy all year round. In fact, he can carry this one wherever he goes!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$66.44 at amazon.com

20. The Complete Harry Potter – perfect gift for a fan

The Complete Harry Potter
This might seem strange at first, but if the guy you need a gift for is a Harry Potter fan (and I’ve seen plenty of guys like that on the opening night of the last Harry Potter movie), this could be just the perfect gift for him!  With the movie franchise just ending, a lot of people are either finally turning to the books or buying them again. If your favorite male recipient longs to play Quidditch and wants to make the magic last, think about the complete Harry Potter collection – it’s really a steal at that price!

21. Metal Detector

Metal Detector
I don’t know what it is, but a ton of men really think that if they only had a metal detector, they could get rich. My dad, for instance, has dreams of buried treasure and every time my family vacations on the beach, I know he wishes he had one of these babies. If there’s a guy in your life who longs to explore, go ahead and get him a real, live, professional metal detector! We know there’s no pirate treasure buried in the back yard, but we can let him dream, right?
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$109.99 at amazon.com

22. USB Cufflinks

USB Cufflinks
What can be better than combining function and fashion? If your man has always secretly wanted to be James Bond – or if these would come in handy for his business – don’t be afraid to drop the Benjamins. As cufflinks and flash drives, these darling pieces of tech jewelry are fully functional. Your man can keep state secrets safely hidden … or he can make sure that he definitely has his PowerPoint presentation safely at hand.
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$194.95 at amazon.com

23. Classic Coca Cola Mini Fridge

Classic Coca Cola Mini Fridge
To be able to kick back, watch the game, reach over, and have a cold drink right at hand – what man wouldn’t love that? Many mini fridges can get really expensive, but it’s all about size. This vintage looking Coke machine fridge holds a six pack, so what more do you need?
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$39.99 at amazon.com

24. Outdoor Hammock

Outdoor Hammock
Speaking of comfort, what could be better than a hammock? Sometimes a guy just wants to relax. Can’t you picture yours lounging outside, dozing in the sun, with a newspaper over his face to block out the light? It’s the perfect Norman Rockwell scenario!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$99.69 at amazon.com

25. GPS

It’s true, nowadays a lot of people already have a GPS. However, some guys are just resisting the urge, even though they really, really want it. A GPS is unquestionably the best gift for men because so many of them really do refuse to ask for directions. They don’t even want to ask for a navigational system! So don’t make him ask – just get it for him!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$150.95 at amazon.com

26. Apple iPad 2 – a gift he’ll absolutely love!

Sure, an iPad is expensive, but isn’t it a small price to pay for the unmitigated joy he’ll experience when he opens this. He may ignore you for months afterwards, given the array of apps he’ll have to play with (Angry Birds, for example), but when he recovers from his app-induced daze, he’ll love you like no other. Forever.
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
from $500 at Apple.com

27. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney
The latest installment in this wildly popular book series is due out in November, and though it may be aimed at tweens, it’s a great gift for guys who are still kids at heart (who among them isn’t?). Truth be told, I’d buy this whether my guy wanted it or not, just so I could get caught up on Greg Heffley’s latest adventures.
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$8.37 at amazon.com

28. Marshmallow Shooter

Marshmallow Shooter
While I’m normally a pacifist, I am a huge proponent of cubicle warfare, and what better way to give your guy an edge than with this marshmallow shooter? It shoots mini-marshmallows up to 30 feet, and comes with 20 sounds of puffy, sugary ammunition. Take that, nerd from Accounting!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$19.99 at thinkgeek.com

29. Tiffany Horseshoe Cuff Links

Even if your guy only wear cuff links a couple of times a year, and you really have run out of expensive gift options, this pair would make a great gift for him! They’re made of bright sterling silver, and are sure to lend him a little extra luck for job interviews, client meetings, and fancy dress-up dates.
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$250.00 at tiffany.com

30. iPhone SLR Mount

People who love their iPhones REALLY love their iPhones, and they use them for everything (there’s an app for that!). There are hundreds of cool photography apps, but as even the most devoted iPhone fanatic will tell you, they’re not quite up to the challenge of making iPhone photos look as good as “real” camera photos — until now. This handy adaptor makes it possible for your guy to use his treasured iPhone with his DSLR lenses. Wow. Now he’ll NEVER put his iPhone down.

31. Robot Flash Drive

Robot Flash Drive
Give him the gift of data storage with this 4 GB retro-robot USB flash drive. His head pops off, and stays in his arms, revealing the USB adaptor, and there’s a keychain attached to make travel convenient.
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$20.95 at amazon.com

32. Mixed Tape USB Stick Gift Pack

Remember when, if you liked a boy, REALLY liked a boy, you’d make him a mix tape? You’d debate the songs, their order, then exactly what to say in the liner notes, spending hours putting one together… well, digital media has changed all that, but to be honest, I miss making mix tapes! That’s why one gift for him could be this USB flash drive kit, including the drive and a clever box made to look like a vintage cassette complete with liner notes. I love it!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$19.95 at fridgedoor.com

33. SITi S: Nine Millimeter Bullet Earphones – the coolest gift he’ll enjoy

Bored of all the regular earphones in the market? How about these state of the art, one of a kind Munitio earphones (Thanks Bob Bader). Highly durable, titanium coated, completely safe with a kick-ass bass and super sleek looks, these earphones are guaranteed to make him jump with joy! Afterall, there’s a reason why these are called the “Cadillac of earbuds”.
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$159.00 at store.munitio.com

34. Mr. Beer Brewing Kit

Mr. Beer Brewing Kit
What’s better than regular beer? Beer that you’ve brewed yourself of course (Thank you Aly for the wonderful suggestion!) Gift your man this Mr. Beer Brewing Kit complete with all the ingredients you’ll need to make up to 2 gallons of beer in 14 days. Sure, it’s a bit of a wait but so totally worth it. Burp!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 

35. Crosley AV Room Portable USB Turntable

Crosley AV Room Portable USB Turntable
There’s nothing quite as comforting as a vinyl record belting out some of your favorite classics and if you know a man who agrees with that, take him back in time by gifting him this portable USB Turntable. It plays records, allows you to transfer songs to your iPod, is both MAC and PC compatible, is simple to use and looks as great as it sounds… if not better!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 

36. Recycled Desk Pendulum Clock

This one is a great gift for the creative man in your life, a bicycle enthusiast or even an enviornmentalist, considering it’s made of used bicycle chains and cogs. What a fantastic way to add some pizazz to his desk and give bicycle parts a second life!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 

37. Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Channel Sound System

Every guy wants a cool sound system, especially for his computer, and this one … well, just look at it.  It’s unquestionably one of the best gifts for men because it’s so jam packed with stuff.  It’s got an enviable subwoofer, plenty of transducers, it’s compatible with plug-and-play for total ease of use.  Plus, honestly, just look at it – it’s like the Holy Grail of computer speakers!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$169.95 at store.apple.com

38. The Time Capsule – another great gift for an Apple fan

For the guy who likes to save everything, this is a really great gift.  Forget about flash disks, with this Time Capsule, he can save everything.  It’s a wireless hard drive, not to mention a base station for Wi-Fi.  Who wouldn’t want one of these?  You can save everything you’ve ever had on any computer!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$299.00 at store.apple.com

39. $100 Gift Card from Best Buy – it’s a tried gift for men he will really like

Sometimes, the best gift is a gift card.  This is the ideal present for the guy who won’t tell you what he wants, and who prefers to get his gifts himself.  With the ability to spend $100 at the best tech shop ever, he’ll definitely be grateful.  You’ll be happy because you (finally!) got him something he can use, and he’ll be happy because he gets to shop to his heart’s content!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
$100.00 at bestbuy.com

40. 2 Tickets to a Sports Game – for Him and His Best Buddy

Last but most certainly not least, you can give him what he’d really love – a day at the game with his buddy.  Whether your guy’s a fan of football, baseball, basketball, soccer, or hockey, he’s sure to appreciate two tickets to see his favorite team play.  He’ll appreciate it even more when you tell him the extra ticket is for his BFF!
How Much This Gift for Men Costs: 
Prices vary
So now that I have given you quite a comprehensive list of the best gifts for men, happy shopping! Got any suggestions, unique gifting ideas, or experiences to share? Do write! I’d love to add your Best Gifts for Men ideas to the list! I bet there are quite a few more best gifts for men out there!


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