10 Quirky Things Men Love about Women …

Things Men Love about Women, do you know what they are? Most of the time, women are completely clueless what quirky and small things men love about women. Do they really like how we look when we wake up? Do they really like to smell us when we leave the bathroom after spraying our perfume? Don’t worry ladies, I got the low-down on things men love about women, so you can know what your man misses about you when you aren’t around!

1. The Look

Believe it or not chicas, your guy likes when you give him the look. Now, the look can mean many things – it can mean that you are in the mood, it can mean that he’s in trouble – or that he’s about to be in trouble. The look is one of the many things men love about women because it keeps them guessing!

2. No Make Up

This is a new one for me. I was under the impression that the more makeup and the more airbrushed we look, the more men like us. News flash ladies! One of the things men love about women is when they don’t wear makeup. They like to see something natural, something beautiful and like to see all of your flaws. What you think are flaws, they think of as beautiful. Remember that!

3. Cleverness

Guys love when a girl buries them in a joke or cleverness. Did your guy just give you a sarcastic response? Well, instead of taking offense, give it right back to him! I promise that he’ll think you are a goddess and will love you forever.

4. Lip Gloss

This goes along with the no makeup – but specifically men love lip gloss. Not only do they like tasting it when they kiss us, but they actually like to watch you put it in. Most of the time, the things men love about women is watching us do something that we, naturally, think is unimportant.

5. Your Bag Full of Tricks

While your man might complain about the size of your purse – secretly he’s glad you can carry everything around. Every woman is different but I know that I keep the entire world in my purse. What that means is that when you are out and about and he needs something, you probably have it in your purse – men love that!

6. Knack for Picking Out Great Gifts

Men naturally seem bad at picking out gifts. Not just for you, but for their sister, best friend or even their mother! Men love that their girlfriends can help them pick out the perfect gift for everyone!

7. Sleepy Smiles

I thought this one was cute, I didn’t realize that men actually do like when we are sleepy and smile at them. If you have been up really late, chatting with your man and you start to fall asleep, that is when he loves you the most. I bet, when you give him those sleepy smile, he closes in and kisses you doesn’t he?

8. Girly Smell

Remember when I mentioned you spraying your perfume and does it bother him? No, he actually loves it. Most men love the girly smell that all girls leave behind. When a man is up close, they also love the scent of your skin.

9. Your Memory

You remember dates, you remember what cologne he wears and you probably even remember his birthday. He loves that about you. I’ll admit, sometimes my memory is horrible, but I can promise that most of the time, I remember more things than a typical man.

10. The Gym Look

While you might think that your guy likes you all dolled up – he actually loves it when you just come from the gym. You may be sporting just a raggy tank top and some shorts, but that kind of style isn’t found in most girls. So sometimes, dumb it down, drop the makeup and just be yourself – natural. Trust me, he’ll love it!
Finding things men love about women is not easy, especially when you think you know everything there is about your man. Hopefully, now that you have some idea of things men love about women, you might be more inclined to be yourself – to appreciate yourself! For men, it’s not all about makeup and great looks, it’s about personality and the small things. What types of things does your man love about you?


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