Attention, Brits! You Have to Sign this Petition TODAY!

Attention, readers in Britain! You have until 11.59 tonight to sign The Body Shop’s petition and help stop sex trafficking!

You can sign the online petition simply clicking the link on The Body Shop’s Facebook page here, or by going directly to their website, here. It literally only takes a few seconds to sign the petition, and it’s for such a good cause!
The petition is in support of laws that will help provide safe haven for children and young adults who are victims of sex trafficking… did you know that only 2 U.S. states offer save harbor, while other states actually prosecute these victims? It’s unconscionable, and it happens all over the world, so take a moment to sign the petition… in the U.K., it expires at 11.59, so please, do it now… and encourage your friends to sign, too!


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