Pepsi Unveils 100% Eco-Friendly Bottles…

Whether you’re a fan of Pepsi or Coke, you have to admit: the plastic bottles they both come in can pose a threat to our environment. But from today forward, that’s not necessarily true — Pepsi has launched a new bottle for their soda, one made entirely from plant-based, fully renewable resources. How cool is that?
Some of the ingredients used to make the new “green” bottle include switch grass, pine bark and corn husks, and in the fututre, Pepsi even plans to use food products that normally end up in landfills, like orange peels, potato peels, oat hulls, all from their food products division. Pepsi will pilot the new bottles in 2012, and if the pilot goes as planned, they’ll launch full-scale soon after.

Way to go Pepsi! This is great news for our environment… I wonder what else they can do to make their products and packaging more eco-friendly?


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