10 Things You May Not Have Known About Lady Gaga

10 Things You May Not Have Known About Lady Gaga

In an interview with Marissa Mayer of Google (yes, that's correct, Google!) the Mother of Monsters Lady Gaga, shares captivating details about herself and her life!

1.) Her friends like to tease her by leaving cheeseburgers in her trailer. They know she has to stay in shape so they taunt her by leaving fast food where she'll find it! Kind of mean if you ask me!

2.) She drives her security detail nuts. Gaga confesses to sometimes just walking out of her apartment to the deli down the street without telling anyone, which scares her bodyguards.

3.) People that used to bully her now ask her for concert tickets. Best kind of karma right? But Gaga says she's still hurt by those that were mean to her.

4.) Gaga has been doing the same vocal exercises since she was 11. She rehearses everyday and does a 30 minute warm up.

5.) All of her tattoos are on the left side of her body. Why? Because her father "asked that she remain, on one side, slightly normal."

6.) Her favorite YouTube video is "David After Dentist." She says it just makes her laugh and when she's really tired she likes to quote the little boy, saying "Is this real life?"

7.) The Paparazzi, despite the song, don't bother her. Because Lady Gaga spends enough money on security so that they can't find her.

8.) She wants her fans to 'step away from the computer.' And actually come out to experience shows instead of just listening to the songs online.

9.) She doesn't know about Rebecca Black's video. But nevertheless thinks she is a genius...But you Lovelies may already know this.

10.) She absolutely loves yoga. She says she likes it because she can be bad at it and nobody knows.

I have always been a Lady Gaga fan but these tid-bits about her are really refreshing - she seems like a mortal! If you're interested in the rest of the interview she had with Google you can watch the hour long video below.

Of course, even if you don't have an hour to spare, I suggest watching the first 2-3 minutes. The Google introduction is pretty awesome.


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