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I think everything in the world ought to be pretty. If I have to look at it, why shouldn’t it have a little flair, a little design, a little prettiness? This “pretty” philosophy carries over from my home to theyoga studio, where the functional utility of a yoga mat gets all gussied up. Here are 7 pretty yoga mats, all of them designed to work beautiful, and be beautiful, adding a little inspiration while you’re stretching and balancing.

1. Gaiam Dragonfly Yoga Mat

Gaiam Dragonfly Yoga Mat
Price: $19.99 at drugstore.com
This pretty pink yoga mat is stamped with a dragonfly flitting around a blooming hydrangea. It’s light-weight, but durable, and big enough to claim a comfortable space for doing your downward dogs. It measures 24 inches wide by 68 inches long, and is textured, so it won’t slip!

2. Gaiam Flower of Life Yoga Mat

Gaiam Flower of Life Yoga Mat
Price: $19.99 at drugstore.com
Oh, this is so pretty! I love this yoga mat, all in brilliant amethyst with an all-over flower pattern in white. It’s thin but sturdy, and it rolls up easily so you can take it to yoga class with you. If you buy this mat, you get a free video download at the Gaiam website, too!

3. Gaiam Damask Print Yoga Mat

Gaiam Damask Print Yoga Mat
Price: $19.99 at drugstore.com
Perhaps your tastes run more to the feminine classics, like this creamy ivory yoga mat printed with a gorgeous damask pattern. It measures 24 inches wide by 68 inches long, perfect for taking to the studio or just unrolling and using at home.

4. Gaiam Tree of Life Yoga Mat

Gaiam Tree of Life Yoga Mat
Price: $21.99 at drugstore.com
This pretty green yoga mat boasts a lush leafy Tree of Life, printed on pale green. It’s made in Taiwan of recycled materials, so it’s friendly to our earth, and our very real Trees of Life. Use it to cushion yourself while your bend and stretch, then roll it back up and stash it away.

5. J-Fit Natural Jute Yoga Mat

J-Fit Natural Jute Yoga Mat
Price: $39.99 at drugstore.com
Jute is an all-natural, fast-growing, renewable resource, and this pretty yoga mat is made of it, so it’s non-toxic, latex-free, and eco-friendly. It’s backed with a latex-free non-slip material, so it’s safe to use, and it’s also mold and mildew resistance. So while it may look plain and brown, I think it’s gorgeous!

6. Zenzation Athletics Mat, Yoga Pilates PurEarth Enviro

Zenzation Athletics Mat, Yoga Pilates PurEarth Enviro
Price: $32.99 at drugstore.com
On one side, this pretty yoga mat is pink, and on the other, it’s purple. Its rounded corners and non-PVC construction make it practically immovable, and its ultra-light weight construction makes it travel-ready.

7. Empower Printed Yoga/Pilates Mat with Clutch

Empower Printed Yoga/Pilates Mat with Clutch
Price: $29.99 at drugstore.com
If you use your yoga mat away from home, then this is the mat for you, available in green or purple. It rolls into a handy clutch carrier, with a pocket for your keys or wallet. It measures 24 inches wide by 68 inches long, so you can use it for all of your yoga and Pilates moves.
Aren’t all of these yoga mats beautiful? I especially love the last one, and the one with the damask print. Which of these pretty yoga mats do you like best? Or is there another one you’ve found that you like more?


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