8 Tips to Minimise Pores …

It’s fairly safe to say that we’re keen to keep our complexions in the best possible shape we can and, for many of us, this means taking steps to even out skin tone and to reduce the appearance of oversized pores. A variety of factors contribute to this latter condition and chief amongst these aresun damage, excess sebum and straightforward genetics. Luckily, however, it is possible to smooth-out your complexion; aestheticians, dermatologists and skincare professionals recommend several effective measures you might take. To help you get on the right track to a more even skin, I’ve done some research and put together a list of 8 tips to minimise pore.

1. Cleanse …

Pores will always appear larger when they are blocked. Sebum, dirt, sweat and make up build up throughout the day, and, invariably, this residue eventually clogs the skin. Ultimately, if left, the blocked pores may become inflamed or infected, and this will result in unsightly spots and lumps on the skin’s surface as well. Basically, to prevent this from happening and to keep your pores as small and neat as you can, you want to ensure that you wash your face twice daily with an effective product suited to your skin type.

2. …But Not Too Much

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While it is important to keep your pores clean and free from dirt and build-up, it is also very important that you don’t wash your face too regularly. Over-cleansing the skin will simply encourage the production of oil, and this can ultimately contribute to more pore-blockage, which in turn makes the aperture appear larger than it is.

3. Tone

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It is important to include a good toner in your skincare routine. Try to find a product that includes salicylic acid: this will help to keep your pores spotlessly clean, and will also participate in tightening them for the appearance of smoother, more even skin.

4. Treat Oiliness Effectively

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Because excess oil contributes so much to the appearance of large pores, if you’re keen to even out your skin tone, you will want to make sure your treat this problem effectively. Make sure yourskincare products are appropriate for your particular complexion, and apply a good-quality mud mask about once a week: this will help to correct the over-production of sebum and keep your skin clean and oil-free.

5. Protect

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Excessive exposure to the sun can also contribute to the enlarging of the pores. In order to ensure that your complexion remains smooth, it is always a good idea to apply a decent sunscreen before venturing outside. This will help to keep pores tight and skin even.

6. Prime

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If you suffer from large pores which persist no matter what measures you take to minimise them, then the chances are good your complexion is genetically determined. In order to reduce the appearance of pores, use a good quality makeup primer and apply it underneath your foundation: this will help to give the impression of a smoother, consistent skin tone.

7. Chill

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After you have applied your cleanser in the morning, rinse it off with a splash of cold water. The lower temperature will encourage your pores to tighten up instantly. Some beauticians even recommend icing especially problematic areas as well.

8. Try the Magic Egg White Mask

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If you’re into home beauty remedies, you might be keen to give this DIY solution a go. Simply separate a couple of medium sized eggs and beat the whites in a bowl until they form stiff peak. Apply this aerated foam to your face and leave it on for around fifteen or twenty minutes before washing it off with cool water.
Enlarged pores can really wreak havoc with your complexion; luckily, however, it is possible to sort them out. This list of 8 tips to minimise your pores should help you to get your skin tone even and smooth: do you have any comments or suggestions to add to it?


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