7 Fun and Quirky Bags… That Look Like Toys! …

Sometimes it’s fun to channel your inner child, by doing things like carrying fun and quirky bags that look like toys. Giggling about the nonsensical, dressing up in mis-matched clothes – these are the things that remind us that life isn’t all serious business. And it looks like designers are on board with this idea. Fashion is meant to be fun and the following fun and quirky bags that look like toys prove it. Channel your inner child, in a very grown up way.

1. Mandy Coon Ginny Bunny Bag

Mandy Coon ginny bunny bag
Price: $405 at openingceremony.us
This droopy bunny bag looks like it’s had the fun sucked out of it. Nonetheless, it’s still a favourite of mine. It really does look like a stuffed toy, but with more extravagant touches such as black velvet material. This is one pet that you should take with you wherever you go! One of many fun and quirky bags that look like toys!

2. Judith Leiber Crystal Embellished Cupcake Clutch

Judith Leiber crystal embellished cupcake clutch
Price: $4295 at net-a-porter.com
Many fun and quirky bags that look like toys come straight from Hollywood.  For instance, this bag combines all the wonderful things about childhood – sweet treats, sparkles, and all shades of pink! It was also featured in the Sex and the City movie (being carried by Charlotte’s daughter, no less).

3. Judith Leiber Panda Bear Minaudière

Judith Leiber panda bear minaudière
Price: $4695 at judithleiber.com
Where do I begin? This crystal embellished clutch is just too cute for words. Judith Leiber has really found her niche with these novelty clutches. I’ve always wanted my own baby panda to keep, and I think this is the best way about it!

4. San Blas Faded Crystal Heart Clutch

San Blas Faded Crystal Heart Clutch
 $2525.20 at luisaviaroma.com
The heart radiates from the centre, giving it a rainbow effect. It reminds me of those night lights that kids keep in their rooms. This bag is the perfect way to wear your heart on your sleeve or, more specifically, on your shoulder.

5. Katherine Fleming Fox Convertible Shoulder Muff

Katherine Fleming fox convertible shoulder muff
Price: $1500 at openingceremony.us
While it doesn’t look like a toy per se, you could easily mistake this for a stuffed animal. Put it on your head and pretend to be Davy Crockett. This bag is fun and furry, but obviously not for everyone. A faux fur option would probably be more suitable.

6. Christian Louboutin Eden Peony Satin Clutch

Christian Louboutin Eden peony satin clutch
Price: $1325 at net-a-porter.com
This is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The floral grosgrain ruffles are a sweet and delicate addition. Probably more suited to a bride on her wedding day, I still think that this ivory satin clutch looks like a giant pom pom. Either way, it’s perfect for channelling your inner princess. Some fun and quirky bags that look like toys are actually quite sophisticated.

7. Alexander McQueen Byzantine Queen Skull Crocodile Box Clutch

Alexander McQueen byzantine queen skull crocodile box clutch
Price: $9750 at net-a-porter.com
Channel your inner pirate with this beauty. It looks like a treasure box complete with rubies and gold. Take this with you on your own hunt for buried treasure. Considering its price tag, it should very well be a most treasured item!
If the price tag puts you off, try a DIY! You can easily make your own fun and quirky bags that look like toys. Pull out the stuffing from a tow, add a zipper, sew on some handles, and voila! You have yourself your very own toy handbag. Anyway, do any of these bags remind you of cherished childhood toys?


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